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How to eat healthy in restaurants

I am sure you can relate to me if you have been on any type of diet and had prior engagements to go to lunch or dinner. Personally I hate the thought of going out on a diet, and have cancelled to avoid the temptations and feeling guilty the next day. As I have now started to implement a new lifestyle rather than a diet I found it quite easy to figure out how to eat healthy in restaurants. I will share with you some of the ways I use to make it simple.

Be organised

Always try to be organised and I know you will say I don’t have time etc, and I used to do the same. It really is just a matter of putting your mind to it, and after a while it becomes second nature.

So with this in mind I would make sure I ate a very substantial meal at the meal prior to going out and not skip it. I would also check where we were going and have a look at the restaurants menu if possible. If this wasn’t an option I would call at times if I was not sure of what they offered. This could save lots of time and headaches once there, and it’s never nice to have to keep everyone waiting for you to just an your order in.

These days I find most restaurants are able to cater to a whole foods and green diet, and most other diets as well. Having had my own restaurant and worked as the chef I am sure most chefs would appreciate a heads up if your diet is very restrictive however. This is certainly the case when it comes to allergies as well, and it can mean quite a number of changes to the kitchen personnel, so be mindful.

Carry emergency supplies

If your diet is extremely restrictive it may be an idea to carry a small parcel of emergency supplies in your handbag. I have on occasions taken some sliced carrot and celery with hummus with me as a backup so that I didn’t starve through the meal. Of course this may be best if you are with familiar faces! You can always eat them just prior to the dinner or after as well. Another good supply to take would be banana or other piece of fruit.

Book ahead

This is always good custom and the restaurant will appreciate that you do, as guessing how many covers there will be in an evening is never easy. If you offer to make the booking you will be able to check on the availability of meals for your particular diet. It will also give the chef a heads up and allow time to prepare something special if required. All-round this is the best way to handle things and there should be no surprises at the table.

Make a note of favourites

As you get to know the restaurants or cafes that you like and that are able to offer you a meal that is in line with your diet, make a mental note or add it to your speed dial. That way it will be a breeze next time you need to find somewhere suitable. I tend to put it in my notes on my phone together with the type of meals, pricing and the name of someone that I spoke with. That way the next time you call they will appreciate that you recall their name and in time they will get to know you. You might be surprised at how well you are treated just by recalling who you dealt with,

One person a day at a time

It really just takes a bit of planning and it will never be a problem to find a restaurant that will accommodate you. I have also noticed that many establishments are now moving towards healthier eating in general and we will most likely continue to see this kind of trend. With the problems of obesity in the western world something has to change and we can all make a difference by starting with ourselves and immediate families. The cost on not just the environment, but also on the tax payers income due to hospital care etc is astronomical. So start TODAY and reap the benefits in days, months and the years ahead.

2 thoughts on “How to eat healthy in restaurants

  1. I never thought about booking ahead much. Hmmm……So, if I book ahead and recall I might become a special person in the restaurant—–very good. Oh, cool, you have your own restaurant and you are the chef that is great. No wonder you know so much about restaurants and eating healthy. Marie, is your restaurant still in operation? Where is it located. It would be so cool if it is close to me. I would love to visit.

    1. Hi Audrey, Yes booking ahead can make such a difference to the level of service but also allows the restaurant to prepare better allowing for a better experience for the diner. I did have my own restaurant but have we sold it at the start of the year. It is still in operation and based in Tasmania in the foothills of the mountains. It would have been lovey to have you visit! Thanks for stopping by my site and all the very best to you.

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