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How to reduce waste in the kitchen

We can all make a difference to the amount of landfill we produce and it starts at home. Setting your kitchen up properly and giving thought to what comes in will also show you how to reduce waste in the kitchen. I have listed some of my tips below and I am sure you will be able to come up with others, so keep a list handy for future reference.

Recycled product jars

Try to stock the pantry with recycled glass jars for storage and buy as much as possible in recycled packaging. I love using the old Moccona coffee jars as they come in different sizes and allow me to store just about anything in the pantry. Labeling the jars keep them organized and I refill them as required.

I also keep other glass jars and sterilize them for use when needed to bottle certain things like relishes, jams and other goodies. Although I have cut sugar from my own diet, I make things for other people that still have a sweet tooth. They come in handy as gifts as well, rather than having to purchase similar products.

Limit plastics

Invest in some environmentally friendly wax coated food covers or at least some re usable ones rather than using glad wrap and the likes. Almost everyone has a storage area for Tupperware that doesn’t get used. Sort through it and keep your favorites and place them in an area that are easy to access.

If you haven’t already invested in shopping bags that last, now is prime time. There are plenty of options out there and this will save the land fills. I keep mine in the car so I never leave home without them, or perhaps leave them next to your door so you can’t walk past them.

Compost bin

Try keeping a small compost bin on or under the bench somewhere for all your vegetable scraps. You can then have a larger one in the garden somewhere to add to when full. This will in time give you valuable mulch for your garden and make life easier with a bin on your bench, you don’t have to be running in and out of the garden every time.

Plan meals

I am sure I have mentioned this previously but planning your weeks meals and shopping once per week will reduce waste. It also limits unnecessary spending and impulse shopping, which in turn allows you to budget better. As you get used to planning the meals, think about how much you will need of everything and only buy what is required per meal. It takes a bit of effort, but it can be done, and the more used to it you get the easier it gets.

Spring clean

As a final tip do a spring-clean of your kitchen from time to time and only keep crockery, pans and utensils that you use. Give the rest away to charity or a friend or relative that can use them. It is only going to be collecting dust in the cupboard and not doing you any favors. While you are at it clean out the pantry, fridge and freezer at the same time. You will be able to get rid of any out-of-date products and other items no longer wanted on your new diet. Again give it away or of out-of-date dispose of it, in the future if you stick to staples and only purchase whole fresh foods on a weekly basis you will have far less waste.

Good luck and let me know how you go,


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