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Why do I wake up feeling exhausted?

Are you feeling tired all the time, no matter how early you go to bed and how late you get up? I don’t know about you but there was a time when I used to think “Why do I wake up feeling exhausted?” I would be going to bed at a reasonable time and getting at least 6 hours of sleep per night and yet I would be hitting the snooze button several times before I managed to get up. Since changing my way of living I have been able to wake up without the sound of an alarm clock and very early in the morning. It is such a nice feeling and I will share with you some steps you can take in order to do the same.

Dinner time

Try to get into a routine with your dinner times and eat earlier in the evening rather than later. I now try to have dinner served at 6pm every evening and it works well for us. You may have to make it slightly later depending on your work schedule etc, but earlier the better.

Reduce the portion size of your dinner and don’t eat for the sake of eating. I was my own worst enemy with this and always cooked too much and because I hated wasting food my partner and I would often eat more than we required. If you are satisfied stop eating and you will feel less bloated and by the time you go to bed your stomach won’t be working overtime. Try to avoid snacking after your meal as well, and the best way is to not buy any temptations.

Avoid any caffeine or alcohol especially after 6pm. I have limited my caffeine to one cup of coffee mid-morning and that is it. The rest of the day I drink water or herbal tea, and it is amazing what a difference it has made to my sleep. I still drink alcohol but my partner and I now limit this to Friday and Saturday evenings, when we normally would be up later as well. I do notice that I sleep better through the week without any alcohol so for me it does not make for a better nights sleep.

De stress

If you have had a bad day at work talk it over with your partner or a friend. Get it off your chest and sometimes you may find that your sounding board may be able to help with solutions to your worries. It also helps to write things down that worry you in a journal perhaps and to write your own solutions to the problems as well. It may be helpful to keep a writing pad next to your bed if you find yourself waking a lot or lying there tossing and turning.

I would also find that writing down my goals for the week ahead in my journal would keep me focused on the task and it would get me going in the morning. You can then expand on these goals through the week and before bed is a great time to do it as it clears the mind.

Are you getting enough exercise?

If you work at a desk most of your day chances are you aren’t moving enough and the body needs some form of activity too. At lunch try to go for a walk around the block if you can and if you are able to walk to and from work even better. This isn’t always possible I know, so then you will need to find other ways of getting active. I found walking suited me and having a dog there was never an excuse to not walk, plus I love the outdoors. You may prefer to go to a gym or perhaps do Pilates or yoga. The key is to fit in some type of exercise and once you start you will find it gets easier every day.

Get creative

Instead of watching mind-numbing TV with one terrible show after the other get creative with a hobby of some sort. This will be far more stimulating for your brain and give you sense of achievement at the end of the day. I started sewing again which was something I hadn’t done for years and it was amazing how much I enjoyed it. At the same time I started turning old clothing ready for the dump into new fashion items, so I was doing my bit for the environment at the same time.

You may find that drawing or painting is your thing or perhaps tinkering with model airplanes, it doesn’t matter what it is and even reading a book would be better than staring at the TV.


Finally before going to sleep I would read some affirmations of mine and if you haven’t tried affirmations before I highly recommend them. I would write them out on a daily basis 21 times per day, and then I would repeat them at night before sleep.

Even of you haven’t formalized any goals at present, start affirming that you are grateful for the day that has passed and that you are thankful for the good nights sleep you are about to have. You are looking forward with anticipation to a new day and you are feeling motivated and energized. I bet you will soon sleep better and wake up feeling less exhausted.

As you get more accustomed to using affirmations you will find that you will get closer to your goals every day. Not only that, but it keeps your mind very clear and focused on where you are going. Often it is simply that we lack proper direction in life that makes us stressed and anxious. And as you will find a clear mind will very soon allow you to put your head down at night feeling less stressed and enjoying a very good nights sleep.

Wishing you all a very restful night ahead 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why do I wake up feeling exhausted?

  1. I love positive affirmations. What we think about and dwell on is how our bodies will ultimately feel. Negativity = stress. Positive and happy affirmations = health and longevity. Lots of good stuff here. I think many of us need more exercise in our lives, even if it is just a simple short walk—–keep moving and this helps us stay younger—-well feel younger anyway.

    1. Absolutely Audrey! I am with you all the way on that and I wish you good health every day. We are what we eat and can fight so many things in a holistic way. Keep fighting my friend!

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